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Aluminium Yacht Building

The Advantages of Aluminum Boat Construction:

Weight is one of the most important factors of any boat. Aluminum is one of the lightest boat building materials available. A lighter boat increases performance, reduces fuel costs and increases carrying capacity. Twice as strong as steel for the same weight and fifty percent stronger then fibreglass, aluminum's lighter weight makes it easier to handle thus reducing cost.

Workability. Aluminum can be worked with the most basic of tools. Circular saws, band saws, drills, etc. easily and quickly cut as compared to steel. Even the welding of aluminum is faster then that of steel. It can be bent, curved and sanded to achieve pleasing and attractive lines to equal that of almost any material.

Maintenance. A well designed and constructed aluminum boat is virtually free from maintenance. It will not rot, decay, corrode or weaken and is impervious to chemicals, UV rays and other environmental conditions. If left in the water, an aluminum boat will require antifouling paint and sacrificial anodes as with any other boat.

Green. Aluminium is the most easily recycled of any boat building material. Recycling of aluminum uses about 90% less energy then raw material production. The scrap material from the building process can be reused and recycled. In the unlikely event that an aluminum boat is totally destroyed the hull will still be worth its weight as scrap metal. Steel is almost worthless as scrap and any other material would have to go to the landfill. Another consideration is that aluminum's lighter hull weight reduces fuel requirements thus reducing emissions.

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